Thursday, 29 November 2012

Not particularly enthusiastic

Hey there,
I haven't posted in a while, and I really feel I should for the sake of keeping the bloggage alive. Cos it's a nice thing to do. But anyway, I was looking at my hand-in folder for uni and I thought, there's actually a few good hits amongst the images I'm now posting.

 First page is blind drawings.. and the one that wasn't particularly blind I like the most, and that would be the one of Stelios. He-he! Was fun doing the blind drawings tho, should probs give them a go more often, for the sake of practice.
I was told a couple of times (by the tutors) that my quicker sketches are much better than the ones I've spent ages on, and sadly (or not) I'm starting to feel it's true. Well, I wish I was awake/energetic enough to have the time and attention span for properly detailed/rendered drawings, but I guess, now is not the time.Oh well. imsotired
I've been doing some anatomical studies recently and I'm quite happy with the hands on page 2, but overall, I need to get over my confusion/artist block during life drawing and just sit down and figure out what it is I want to come out of those sessions with...and just get it done. BUT OH MAN, I am so tired right now. Got a week and a half left before we break up for Christmas, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some rest! Although, as per usual, there's tons to do.... but enough of that, or my sleepy self will take over this post and rant about the amazingness of sleep and rest and doing nothing but sleeping all day. Wait, sleepyself just took over.
Anyway, 3rd page: life drawing from this Tuesday. Oh boy, was that a tense morning.... Try wanting to draw  full dynamic poses, with strong anatomy study type finish, exaggeration and only maybe actual anatomy study of a ...knee for example, e.g. everything at once whist having seriously stepped on your mental breaks. It's not very pleasant. Anyways, I survived and did one drawing I was proud of (that'd be the biggest one on the page). But seriously... I really wanna rest, it's late right now, and I wish I'd gone to bed 3 hours ago.
Nighty nigh..... *snore*

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Splash of Blah...

Mmmeeh, some scribbles I've done in between uni work. 

I think it's now established that I draw creepy people, apparently, so... HERE'S SOME MORE, DEAR LADIES.

Copic loving and way too many episodes of The Walking Dead...
That's a zombie!

 I also decided I want to familiarise myself with oil pastels, so here's go 1 and 2.

Catch ya later, 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Life drawing

Random sketch that's meant to be a pissed off Conor and a few life drawings from today.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Euro Trip

Hey hey :)

It's been a while since my last blog post so I've decided to dedicate this one to this summer's Euro Triiip.
Well, most of you probably don't know, but me and my family went to a Euro trip this summer. And it was awesome. And I carried all of my art materials with me. A whole tiny backpack of them ! And hardly used them at all. Sadly. 'Cos we were constantly on the move and hardly had any time to stop and draw xD
Anyway, I did manage to do a couple of sketches whilst on the move.
First one was done in Croatia, where the car broke down...slightly xD So, we were stuck in this tiny village's garage for like 3 hours, waiting for our car to get fixed and stuff... and I got bored... as you do... had read enough about France from the "Eyewitness Travel Guide", so I looked around and guess what I saw! Johnny the terrier xD (not that I didn't see him as soon as we arrived, but was too grumpy and tired to pay any attention xD) (oh, oh, btw I say grumpy, but in fact me and the bro had so much fun on one of those car transporter...things, dunno what it's called. We were basically in our car, which was on the "thing" and it was awessommeeeeee. Every time we went through a bump me and my bro went "Weeeeey" and laughed. It was cool, alright!) Anyways. 

Here's Johnny. He was such a funny dog, just walked around and poked stuff and people with his forehead, looking for attention and fun stuff to eat xD Kinda silly really, but that's what dogs are for, right? To make your day in a boring garage in Croatia. 

So, I drew those, and then our mechanic saw my sketches and was like wooow, that's pretty cool, and took my sketchbook to show it to his boss, and even took a picture of the page xD It was funny, cos the sketches aren't that great, but hey xD It's always nice when people like your work, right xD P.S. Apparently Johnny is a winner (of sth) I didn't catch what the guy said exactly, but even so, Johnny is a celeb! Woop.

Second drawing is from Veniceee. Awww (tons of hearts) In Venice we stayed for 3 days, so naturally, the morning before we left, I decided to be all artsy smartsy and woke up early and went out. If you ever go to Venice, the best time for a nice drawing sesh is around 7:30-8:30 am, cos after 8:30 am tourists flood the place and it goes all mental and hot, especially during the summer. Also, if you ever go to Venice, make sure you stay at a place somewhere central! Me and the fam lived 3 mins away from Piazza San Marco !!! I'm telling you, it was so cool, I almost pissed myself! Ok, Ok, it was so cool, I almost cried... :( OK, I let a tear drop slip.. Jesus you guys.. you wanna know everything!
So, all in all, went out and did this sketch of Santa Maria della Salute. It's on the other side of the canal and it's very big and white. And it's got an awesome wooden ship right in front. Well, ok, slightly to the right from the main entrance. And, again, tourists we're incredibly nice (and curious) as well, looked over my shoulder nodding approvingly. One guy even came to me and said "This is soo awesome, dudee" with a strong accent. and tapped me on the shoulder xD
*insert massive ego boost even tho sketch is pretty basic*

And here's me and our dog ^^ (Fishing.)
Cos we're cool.
And deserve to have a picture uploaded on blogger. 

I do have a couple of stories to tell about the Euro trip, like the tiny car accident me and my friends had on the way to the cinema. The Turkish people we hit weren't particularly happy, but we got to chat to Italian restaurant owners who spoke Bulgarian, whilst waiting for traffic police to come xD (missed first screening of "Brave" because of it, but made it just in time for the second one xD And it was WORTH IT!) and then discovered this really creepy house with even creepier fence in a tiny street in Sofia, right behind a church! T'was magical... it had plastic dolls and heads on the spiky ends of the fence and some white umbrellas. And all of those made up some sort of a name. I think it was supposed to be arty.. Jees some people...

But if you ever need some more info or fancy seeing pics and being told about certain European countries, come say hi :))) And spare a couple of hours xD I've found so many awesome places I can go to, should I visit any of those countries again. And oh my god, will I draw then! (yes, I will.)

Ta ta for now :)))

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last reviews of old work

 Hi there! :)

I've been thinking of bringing the posts with my old stuff to an end now. I feel, what I've posted so far is enough to give you all an idea of where I come from. I also feel like moving on to the next page and really focus on improving my skills. . . Like . . . All of them xD

 So! I thought it'd be nice to show some character designs of mine as well as animal sketches from Marwell .

 Hopefully, from now on I'll be posting only my newest artworks, showing some progress (again, hopefully) :) I've been also planning to do some artist studies and painting tests. My main focus, though, will be on loosening up my hand again, and really work on line quality, because it's been teasing me for such a long time!

But for now, here's some sketches I've done in my spare time and animation breaks.

These below are done as part of my work for a 3rd year film I worked on in 1st year. 

Marwell Zoo
Fun facts about Tonche: I had little experience in drawing animals, especially ones from life, so these drawings you see here are me getting used to quick sketching of namely, animals. Trying to work loosely as well. I quite enjoyed it, tho! Deffo looking forward to next year's sesh. Wish me luck :)

As I was browsing through my work I found a few more life drawings I'd like to share with you :)

In other words, the great race with myself is on again. I really need to get back in shape and jump up a level or two. Hoping that these 2-3 years I had "off" wouldn't matter as much . . . *worried face*

As per usual, I hope you enjoy this post. Comments are more than welcome!
Aaand I'm going back to work in the company of Rio's soundtrack! Weeeey ^^

Catch ya later!

P.S. And a quick introduction to Elsie: my dear puppet. Made her about 3 years ago. She's quite fun and likes to jump around and explore a lot :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Just a little something on the go

So, I've been fiddling around on my laptop, trying to do the multitasking thing (ya know, putting everything in their allocated folders, backing up, cleaning up desktop,  trying to think,  and getting myself ready to dive into the countless hours of work that lay before me (sweet, right!) as well as, hunting down new artists who inspire me to do work (had some prettty good hits today, I'm happy), and watching/listening to short animations that are part of my research, etc. So, I was doing that all at once!) when I found this piece of amazingness on the good ol' web. Needless to say, it's an epically good reminder of the harsh truth, and even though I'm more and more inspired these days (Thank God!) this picture certainly leaves me with no more excuses as to why I have not yet done what I've been intending to do for what is now literally AGES . . . 

Also, I feel like today is a very special day, since I finally feel like I know what I need to do and what's more important, WHERE TO START FROM! Hallelujah ! 
I'll probably look a bit like this excited fella' by the end of the day (multitasking is still in progress) but the conclusions I've come to today are just priceless xD

So, no more waiting for the sun to shine at a 86.5 degree angle, the Muse to come and pet me and a triple rainbow to rise above our chimney in order for me to start working . . .
. . . actually, not even sure if we've got a chimney . . .

But anyway. Hope you guys are doin' good and finding the message from the pic above just as inspiring as I do :)
Catch ya laters!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Some layouts, life drawings and scribbles for ya :)

Hey hey heeyyy :)
So, it's been a while since my first post, (thank you Euro trip xD) so here's part 2 of what I've done so far. Just a quick one to show some progress during my first year of the animation course. I didn't have ANY experience in layout whatsoever, so I'm quite proud of my first attempt as a whole. This year should be better. hehe :) As for painting I have little experience (surely not enough for a successful final result, but it is something I am currently working on. Wish me luck :P)
So, enough talking. Here's the images.

Here's the layout step-by-step, working towards a final piece. 
Rough sketches to some rather refined line work to pretty rough "lighting" paintings (Photoshop) (rather experimental to try variety)

And final piece:

Now, here's some life drawings I've done throughout my 1st year. Had been feeling rather rusty the whole time, so not particularly proud of my life drawings, but I've picked out the ones I like the most anyway :) Ya know, for the fun. (P.S. First year has been a bit of a challenge as well, 'cos I had to jump from classic anatomical type of drawing to dynamic animation life drawing. It's been quite stressful pushing myself to do 1 min poses whilst being used to 3h sesh hehe.Well, I did have some previous go at quick L.D. but didn't really take it serious till uni...) It also kinda helps me summarise the whole past year and pin-point the problems I've had so that I can improve. Really interested to see where the intensive drawing I'm now undertaking is gonna take me, I'm kinda worried and excited in the same time right now xD

P.S. I know I'm missing the face on this first drawing, I shall start paying attention to faces as well in the 1min poses. :)

Haha and two sneaky sketches of friends in between. 

As I might have stated here somewhere I'm quite a fan of character design, (like most people these days heh), so in my spare time, as well as the times when I just don't want to do uni work I scribble a lot. For some reason I really like this lady ur about to see, and the second one... well it is what happens when I've got an essay day... and Cypress Hill around heh

And well, I think this is it for now. I'm sorry if I sound sleepy, but well, I really am right now. So, good night everyone. Oh, and next post will contain my 1st year animations, well the ones I like the most anyway hehe. 
I hope you guys like my scribbles. Comments are, as always, very welcome.
Nighty night my dears :)))

Monday, 16 July 2012

This is how it all started :)))

 Heyyy people! :)
 So.... nearly after a year after the creation of my blog I finally have the time to start putting stuff on here xD So, for a starter I decided to give it a bit of structure, e.g. 'bit of history of me drawing hehe. Those are the stuff that actually got me into uni, yaaaay! Looking back on those I really wanna grab a pencil and draw! It's been almost 4 years since I drew those ones xD ! (yes, they are drawn from life)

My GRANDDAAAAD!!! Such a character! xD Did the portraits in the course of one academic year, 'bout 4 years ago, as well. I really feel I can do much better now, in terms of toning and stuff. It's a shame I just haven't had the chance (and model) for some good 3h sessions... 

And some full figure ones :) The only ones I could do on the course ...

Now, here's some work I did at college. The life drawing took me about 15-20 mins, I think... done in charcoal

This is a drawing I did of a friend of mine for his Bday. (Velkooo! Love ya, man!) Drawn from a photo. Have had quite a few "commissions" (if you like) from friends back in the day. Happy to do it again, if anyone's interested.

Aand finally, here's some woodcarving/sculpting I've done over the years! :) (woodcarving is one of my passions, have done some necklace things but will probs post a picture later on ) 



 1st woodcarving

Some candlesticks I made 4-5 years ago, proper order is as follows:
2                 4               3                1

Bronze Sculpture

Aaand "THE END" of my story of how I started . . .
 "And then came animation and changed my life and understanding of drawing completely."