Monday, 16 July 2012

This is how it all started :)))

 Heyyy people! :)
 So.... nearly after a year after the creation of my blog I finally have the time to start putting stuff on here xD So, for a starter I decided to give it a bit of structure, e.g. 'bit of history of me drawing hehe. Those are the stuff that actually got me into uni, yaaaay! Looking back on those I really wanna grab a pencil and draw! It's been almost 4 years since I drew those ones xD ! (yes, they are drawn from life)

My GRANDDAAAAD!!! Such a character! xD Did the portraits in the course of one academic year, 'bout 4 years ago, as well. I really feel I can do much better now, in terms of toning and stuff. It's a shame I just haven't had the chance (and model) for some good 3h sessions... 

And some full figure ones :) The only ones I could do on the course ...

Now, here's some work I did at college. The life drawing took me about 15-20 mins, I think... done in charcoal

This is a drawing I did of a friend of mine for his Bday. (Velkooo! Love ya, man!) Drawn from a photo. Have had quite a few "commissions" (if you like) from friends back in the day. Happy to do it again, if anyone's interested.

Aand finally, here's some woodcarving/sculpting I've done over the years! :) (woodcarving is one of my passions, have done some necklace things but will probs post a picture later on ) 



 1st woodcarving

Some candlesticks I made 4-5 years ago, proper order is as follows:
2                 4               3                1

Bronze Sculpture

Aaand "THE END" of my story of how I started . . .
 "And then came animation and changed my life and understanding of drawing completely."


  1. WOW TONI! Those pencil sketches are gorgeous! :D

  2. Great stuff Toni, I like that woodwork!
    Looking forward to more, especially those imminent paintings :]