Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Some layouts, life drawings and scribbles for ya :)

Hey hey heeyyy :)
So, it's been a while since my first post, (thank you Euro trip xD) so here's part 2 of what I've done so far. Just a quick one to show some progress during my first year of the animation course. I didn't have ANY experience in layout whatsoever, so I'm quite proud of my first attempt as a whole. This year should be better. hehe :) As for painting I have little experience (surely not enough for a successful final result, but it is something I am currently working on. Wish me luck :P)
So, enough talking. Here's the images.

Here's the layout step-by-step, working towards a final piece. 
Rough sketches to some rather refined line work to pretty rough "lighting" paintings (Photoshop) (rather experimental to try variety)

And final piece:

Now, here's some life drawings I've done throughout my 1st year. Had been feeling rather rusty the whole time, so not particularly proud of my life drawings, but I've picked out the ones I like the most anyway :) Ya know, for the fun. (P.S. First year has been a bit of a challenge as well, 'cos I had to jump from classic anatomical type of drawing to dynamic animation life drawing. It's been quite stressful pushing myself to do 1 min poses whilst being used to 3h sesh hehe.Well, I did have some previous go at quick L.D. but didn't really take it serious till uni...) It also kinda helps me summarise the whole past year and pin-point the problems I've had so that I can improve. Really interested to see where the intensive drawing I'm now undertaking is gonna take me, I'm kinda worried and excited in the same time right now xD

P.S. I know I'm missing the face on this first drawing, I shall start paying attention to faces as well in the 1min poses. :)

Haha and two sneaky sketches of friends in between. 

As I might have stated here somewhere I'm quite a fan of character design, (like most people these days heh), so in my spare time, as well as the times when I just don't want to do uni work I scribble a lot. For some reason I really like this lady ur about to see, and the second one... well it is what happens when I've got an essay day... and Cypress Hill around heh

And well, I think this is it for now. I'm sorry if I sound sleepy, but well, I really am right now. So, good night everyone. Oh, and next post will contain my 1st year animations, well the ones I like the most anyway hehe. 
I hope you guys like my scribbles. Comments are, as always, very welcome.
Nighty night my dears :)))