Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last reviews of old work

 Hi there! :)

I've been thinking of bringing the posts with my old stuff to an end now. I feel, what I've posted so far is enough to give you all an idea of where I come from. I also feel like moving on to the next page and really focus on improving my skills. . . Like . . . All of them xD

 So! I thought it'd be nice to show some character designs of mine as well as animal sketches from Marwell .

 Hopefully, from now on I'll be posting only my newest artworks, showing some progress (again, hopefully) :) I've been also planning to do some artist studies and painting tests. My main focus, though, will be on loosening up my hand again, and really work on line quality, because it's been teasing me for such a long time!

But for now, here's some sketches I've done in my spare time and animation breaks.

These below are done as part of my work for a 3rd year film I worked on in 1st year. 

Marwell Zoo
Fun facts about Tonche: I had little experience in drawing animals, especially ones from life, so these drawings you see here are me getting used to quick sketching of namely, animals. Trying to work loosely as well. I quite enjoyed it, tho! Deffo looking forward to next year's sesh. Wish me luck :)

As I was browsing through my work I found a few more life drawings I'd like to share with you :)

In other words, the great race with myself is on again. I really need to get back in shape and jump up a level or two. Hoping that these 2-3 years I had "off" wouldn't matter as much . . . *worried face*

As per usual, I hope you enjoy this post. Comments are more than welcome!
Aaand I'm going back to work in the company of Rio's soundtrack! Weeeey ^^

Catch ya later!

P.S. And a quick introduction to Elsie: my dear puppet. Made her about 3 years ago. She's quite fun and likes to jump around and explore a lot :)

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