Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Euro Trip

Hey hey :)

It's been a while since my last blog post so I've decided to dedicate this one to this summer's Euro Triiip.
Well, most of you probably don't know, but me and my family went to a Euro trip this summer. And it was awesome. And I carried all of my art materials with me. A whole tiny backpack of them ! And hardly used them at all. Sadly. 'Cos we were constantly on the move and hardly had any time to stop and draw xD
Anyway, I did manage to do a couple of sketches whilst on the move.
First one was done in Croatia, where the car broke down...slightly xD So, we were stuck in this tiny village's garage for like 3 hours, waiting for our car to get fixed and stuff... and I got bored... as you do... had read enough about France from the "Eyewitness Travel Guide", so I looked around and guess what I saw! Johnny the terrier xD (not that I didn't see him as soon as we arrived, but was too grumpy and tired to pay any attention xD) (oh, oh, btw I say grumpy, but in fact me and the bro had so much fun on one of those car transporter...things, dunno what it's called. We were basically in our car, which was on the "thing" and it was awessommeeeeee. Every time we went through a bump me and my bro went "Weeeeey" and laughed. It was cool, alright!) Anyways. 

Here's Johnny. He was such a funny dog, just walked around and poked stuff and people with his forehead, looking for attention and fun stuff to eat xD Kinda silly really, but that's what dogs are for, right? To make your day in a boring garage in Croatia. 

So, I drew those, and then our mechanic saw my sketches and was like wooow, that's pretty cool, and took my sketchbook to show it to his boss, and even took a picture of the page xD It was funny, cos the sketches aren't that great, but hey xD It's always nice when people like your work, right xD P.S. Apparently Johnny is a winner (of sth) I didn't catch what the guy said exactly, but even so, Johnny is a celeb! Woop.

Second drawing is from Veniceee. Awww (tons of hearts) In Venice we stayed for 3 days, so naturally, the morning before we left, I decided to be all artsy smartsy and woke up early and went out. If you ever go to Venice, the best time for a nice drawing sesh is around 7:30-8:30 am, cos after 8:30 am tourists flood the place and it goes all mental and hot, especially during the summer. Also, if you ever go to Venice, make sure you stay at a place somewhere central! Me and the fam lived 3 mins away from Piazza San Marco !!! I'm telling you, it was so cool, I almost pissed myself! Ok, Ok, it was so cool, I almost cried... :( OK, I let a tear drop slip.. Jesus you guys.. you wanna know everything!
So, all in all, went out and did this sketch of Santa Maria della Salute. It's on the other side of the canal and it's very big and white. And it's got an awesome wooden ship right in front. Well, ok, slightly to the right from the main entrance. And, again, tourists we're incredibly nice (and curious) as well, looked over my shoulder nodding approvingly. One guy even came to me and said "This is soo awesome, dudee" with a strong accent. and tapped me on the shoulder xD
*insert massive ego boost even tho sketch is pretty basic*

And here's me and our dog ^^ (Fishing.)
Cos we're cool.
And deserve to have a picture uploaded on blogger. 

I do have a couple of stories to tell about the Euro trip, like the tiny car accident me and my friends had on the way to the cinema. The Turkish people we hit weren't particularly happy, but we got to chat to Italian restaurant owners who spoke Bulgarian, whilst waiting for traffic police to come xD (missed first screening of "Brave" because of it, but made it just in time for the second one xD And it was WORTH IT!) and then discovered this really creepy house with even creepier fence in a tiny street in Sofia, right behind a church! T'was magical... it had plastic dolls and heads on the spiky ends of the fence and some white umbrellas. And all of those made up some sort of a name. I think it was supposed to be arty.. Jees some people...

But if you ever need some more info or fancy seeing pics and being told about certain European countries, come say hi :))) And spare a couple of hours xD I've found so many awesome places I can go to, should I visit any of those countries again. And oh my god, will I draw then! (yes, I will.)

Ta ta for now :)))

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