Thursday, 29 November 2012

Not particularly enthusiastic

Hey there,
I haven't posted in a while, and I really feel I should for the sake of keeping the bloggage alive. Cos it's a nice thing to do. But anyway, I was looking at my hand-in folder for uni and I thought, there's actually a few good hits amongst the images I'm now posting.

 First page is blind drawings.. and the one that wasn't particularly blind I like the most, and that would be the one of Stelios. He-he! Was fun doing the blind drawings tho, should probs give them a go more often, for the sake of practice.
I was told a couple of times (by the tutors) that my quicker sketches are much better than the ones I've spent ages on, and sadly (or not) I'm starting to feel it's true. Well, I wish I was awake/energetic enough to have the time and attention span for properly detailed/rendered drawings, but I guess, now is not the time.Oh well. imsotired
I've been doing some anatomical studies recently and I'm quite happy with the hands on page 2, but overall, I need to get over my confusion/artist block during life drawing and just sit down and figure out what it is I want to come out of those sessions with...and just get it done. BUT OH MAN, I am so tired right now. Got a week and a half left before we break up for Christmas, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some rest! Although, as per usual, there's tons to do.... but enough of that, or my sleepy self will take over this post and rant about the amazingness of sleep and rest and doing nothing but sleeping all day. Wait, sleepyself just took over.
Anyway, 3rd page: life drawing from this Tuesday. Oh boy, was that a tense morning.... Try wanting to draw  full dynamic poses, with strong anatomy study type finish, exaggeration and only maybe actual anatomy study of a ...knee for example, e.g. everything at once whist having seriously stepped on your mental breaks. It's not very pleasant. Anyways, I survived and did one drawing I was proud of (that'd be the biggest one on the page). But seriously... I really wanna rest, it's late right now, and I wish I'd gone to bed 3 hours ago.
Nighty nigh..... *snore*

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