Thursday, 2 January 2014

Life Drawing 2013

Long time no see.
Currently working on our grad film so not much time for personal work or anything.
Anyways, here's some life drawing I did over the term. 
Still feeling rusty though.
Hoping to do a better job next term when the sessions start earlier in the evening so I'm not as sleepy and tired.
Can't wait to get back into drawing properly.
Happy New Year :)


  1. Niice!!!
    I have a soft spot for the Top Right 5min one - the overlapping of the thigh, cheeks and torso volumes works great, plus the rhythm created from the head and spine leading down through the leg is juuuuuuuust right n.n

    1. Thanks man!
      I was so annoyed I couldn't finish it though, add a few details here and there.
      Also, it's nice knowing someone's actually looking at my blog ;D