Saturday, 26 April 2014

3rd year !!! 2 weeks till the LAST DEADLINE ever

Hey hey!!
So I haven't posted in while, but that's only cos I am currently working on my 3rd year graduation film and don't have time for anything else.
There's 2 weeks till the final deadline and the workload is crazy!! But I can do it! Or at least everyone else says I can "You're Toni, you can do it!" they say. I would like to believe them, plus it makes me feel like I have special "Toni" super powers, so you know, win win.
Anyways, my shoulder hurts from non-stop animating so I decided to draw a drawing about it...
Oh the sweet irony!
On the plus side I came across this awesome quote today...Michelangelo sends me timeless messages through the internet.. I bet it's a sign ;D

Anyways, catch you guys soon xxx

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